The Facebook Conundrum

Over the past few years online business marketing has placed a supreme importance on using social media for advertising and engaging customers, and none more so than Facebook. This is good advice, in part. Having a functioning and highly engaging Facebook has been shown to produce more customer interaction and business than not. However, a vital part of online marketing seems to have fallen to the wayside in all the Facebook hype, and a simple one at that, the business website. Below, we’ll take a look at why a website is still a vital aspect of online marketing even if your Facebook Page is thriving.

Why Does My Business Need A Website?

One of the most prevalent reasons that a business should develop a website in conjunction with their Facebook page is the data and leads that a website can provide. The statistics and data provided by Facebook for businesses are more focused on visitors and engagements than actual sales, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes down to the bottom line, having a website where customers come to do business or purchase your products provides much more feedback than is possible with Facebook.

In addition, having a landing page for your business not only gives you a more professional reputation but provides a landing spot for content marketing programs and algorithms such as Google Ads and SEO that is not possible with Facebook.

Falling usage of Facebook is also an oncoming hurtle for those who have their business focused solely on online marketing through the social media platform. In fact, statistics are now showing that as little as forty-one percent of millennials are using Facebook daily. This means if your business or product is aimed at a younger crowd and your Facebook is your primary mode of advertising, you’ve already lost half your audience.

Building a Website

We’re not attacking Facebook Page here. The social media giant is still two billion people strong and an excellent place to communicate and engage with customers and clients on their own turf. However, supplementing your Facebook presence with a website where your services or products are listed in a professional looking and easily accessible manner is a must for any business.

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