Facebook Page in Cambodia it’s become the famous advertising platform. Most of the business owner they choose Facebook Page to advertise their products and services. For most media companies, a website and Facebook have specific roles, and both are important in building your brand. Consider your individual goals to determine if your website or Facebook is better to reach your audience.

Control and Ownership

Website: A website permits you to have the upper hand in controlling your products and page appearance. You can add any information you like, describe your products exhaustively and design and repackage your products the way you like.
Facebook: Facebook page limits your ability to design and repackage your brands according to the clients’ requirements. Even though the pages permit a company to upload a background photograph which can be the brand logo, it’s still limited since it does not give room for descriptive information about the business.


Website: Website optimization can be achieved by including phrases and keywords that potential customers can use in search engines. This is important because an appearance on a search engine is a key factor in business advertisements and marketing.
Facebook: You cannot optimize your Facebook page to make it easy to find. The more other people continue to post, the more your story disappears from the news feed.


Website: A Website offers full attention to the user with the information covering a wider scope hence can suit different users at a go.
Facebook: The number of friends and pages for a typical Facebook subscriber increases annually making the content displayed at the users grow while the time for viewing all this information remains constant. The users will, therefore, not engage in some posts making it a very competitive field for business people who must employ extra effort to ensure their posts remain relevant.

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